You Won’t Believe Your Eyes…He’s Flying!

How to learn how to fly.

Indoor skydiving and cooking steak in a cast iron skillet. I’ll call that a “win” of a day.

I don’t even know how the idea first came up, but a couple of weeks ago, Lara asked me about iFLY indoor skydiving. It sounded like a lot of fun, so we figured, why not give it a try. It was a blast.

After working up a good appetite, we decided to throw some steaks in the cast iron skillet. As long as you’ve got a good meat thermometer, you can get a good crisp char on the outside and a delicious juicy center. Mmmm….steak.

Thanks for watching! We love making our family vlog and sharing our ups and downs as we live our life.

If you love your family as much as we love ours, I think you’ll really enjoy our family vlog.

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